BIG Grant

Preliminary selection

36 local and foreign startups will be selected through such activities including University Activation,Divisional round , Reality Show and International Roadshow. These Startups will go through a rigorous vetting process through every stage to compete for the Grant. They will also be provided training after making it to the Divisional round.

Final Round

Each of the 36 startups has to go through mentoring, training and demonstration. They will then present their presentation to the selection committee. From there, the selection committee will select the best startup as the BIG champion who will receive a grant of 1 lakh US dollars or its equivalent. The remaining 35 startups will receive a one-time grant of 12,000USD or equivalent.

Grant money will be provided from the ongoing project of Innovation Design and Entrepreneurship Academy. Upon completion of the project, the funds will be raised from the ICT Innovation Fund of the Information and Communication Technology Department or from any other source as decided by the Information and Communication Technology Department.

Selection Process

Applications received online will be conducted by the Primary Selection Committee and Innovation Design and Entrepreneurship Academy(iDEA). Proposals received will be initially selected for grants based on (but not limited to) the following criteria-

  • Nature of business
  • Feasibility
  • Methodology (Business, Technology, Finance)
  • Business planning
  • Business strategy
  • Management Team

Terms and Conditions

* Any Bangladeshi or foreign startup can apply for the grant subject to the following conditions for their invented product or service.
* The applicant must be a startup or entrepreneur;
* The proposed product or service must be ICT based;
* The invented product or service must be at the prototype level or above;
* The product or service must be innovative;
* The product or service must have a positive impact on social change, economic development and the environment;
* Must be a legally established entity.
* Applications will only be accepted online. You have to apply through the official website of BIG.
* In addition to filling out the form provided online, the additional documents must be submitted which are asked along with necessary audio visuals.

** The Department of Information and Communication Technology may amend these guidelines from time to time as required.